9.0.2 Express Custom "express_entry_detail" template does not show any results

9.0.2 Express Custom “express_entry_detail” template does not show any results

I have followed the Boat and Marina tutorial, only changing it up to what I’m trying to do. I have re-watched and stripped my stuff down to be as close as possible, but the express entry template will not display any entries when applied. The default template works, but because it uses render, I cannot use it to troubleshoot.

Has something changed in version 9 where the template provided on this page: Using the Express Entry Block to Output Entry Data :: Concrete CMS would no longer work properly? Using the default block displays all the data, so I know everything else is working/setup properly but I’m been running in circles here for two days trying to get it to work and could use some input.


Could you share your code?

Actually, I mostly sorted this out. I was camelCasing my attribute names. Swapped them over to lower case with “_” in between words and the magic function kicked in. Now to get things to filter for the active entry being displayed.