9.1.0RC1 is Now Available!

We’re happy to announce that the first release candidate for Concrete CMS 9.1.0 is now available! 9.1.0 features many improvements, new features and bug fixes, including:

  • Much improved compatibility with PHP 8 and PHP 8.1.
  • Improved appearance and functionality when editing block, area, layout and container styles inline in the page
  • Express improvements like the ability to mark attributes as unique, handle re-use across objects, and much more.
  • Much improved version comparison feature that can compare the HTML of two page versions and highlight differences
  • Improvements to Dashboard listing screens and the file details screen

Additionally, there are many behavioral improvements, performance improvements, and bug fixes included. The full list is far too large for this blog post. Here’s a full list of everything that’s new (it’s quite lengthy):


9.1.0 isn’t quite ready yet – we’d love your help testing the upgrade and ensuring that it goes smoothly. Please take it for a test drive and let us know what you think.


  • Many PHP8 fixes!!!
  • There are a few undefined variables when upgrading under PHP8, easy to fix.
  • Logged out, I had a database table error, ended up by copying CollectionVersions to collectionVersions.
Doctrine \ DBAL \ Exception \ TableNotFoundException An exception occurred while executing 'SELECT cv.cvPublishDate FROM collectionVersions cv WHERE (cv.cID = ?) AND (cv.cvIsApproved = ?) AND (cv.cvPublishDate > ?) ORDER BY cv.cvPublishDate asc' with params [1, true, "2022-04-15 13:51:58"]: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'collectionVersions' doesn't exist

Hmm, I didn’t see any upgrade errors when updating from PHP 8.1.

It looks like the collectionVersions error is due to a late pull request we approved and didn’t realize it contained the wrong casing of the table. Fixing this quickly. Thanks for the quick test!

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Just wanted to follow-up: we just published 9.1.0RC2 on the download page. It should fix the collectionVersions issue, as well as a couple tiny things that users have reported.

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RC2 is looking really good, the interface overall is feeling very consistent now with the look-and-feel of v9.

One minor thing I’ve spotted, which I’m not sure is a bug, or just an issue with how the release is packaged, is that some of the sample content loaded in with the Atomik theme has leading whitespace in it, so you end up with this kind of thing:

The XML file that loads is content is the source of this extra whitespace. Perhaps that file was automatically ‘tidied’.

(if this should be a github issue, happy to add it)

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:+1: This should be an easy fix.

Thank you for bringing back the Javascript compression! :star_struck:

I just did an upgrade from 9.0.0 using the command line method. It went smoothy, no issues.

Hi, I tried to install this 9.1.ORC3 version but when I choose the language ‘finnish’ which I want to run on site comes error message:

Failed to create the directory for the language file. Please be sure that the /application/languages directory is writable

What should I do next, how I can make sure this directory is writable?
I can’t go on installning.

Sorry, server settings was wrong.