9.1.2 change Admin to reset a password

I just upgraded to 9.1.2 and noticed that as Admin there is no way for me to generate a temp password for a user who requests that. I also noticed that going from v8 to 9.1.1 there was the added “previous password” in addition which really eliminated the Admin ability to assist users with a temp password from the admin dashboard side. Is there any way to over-ride that and put it back how it was in the v8? Thanks for any help.

I do agree with you, at least the super-admin “admin” should be able to override the user’s password without knowing the previous password
While waiting the concretecms’s dev team do something for that issue (I’m not one of them, in the hope they read this forum as I don’t really want to open an issue on github), if the user isn’t able to recover a password using the standard “forgotten password”, I use this trick: I unlog, then go on log window and go to the “forgotten password” (without login), put the email of the dummy user then recover the link which has been sended by mail using the very usefulle logs (https://yourc5website/index.php/dashboard/reports/logs) and open it in a private window (or disconnected from the website in a “normal” browser window), then I’m able to assign a new password without knowing the previous

Just to clarify here the field “Your Current Password” is YOUR password, the admin. Not the current password of the user you are editing. So this still works the same as in v8 but with one additional security step to prove the person in the dashboard is who they seem to be.

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This is very good to know, thank you. If it read “Admin Password” instead of “your current password” on the Users’ Edit page that would help a lot with clarity.

I’ve been asked to assist users in resetting their password, so when I put in my Admin Password in the “current Password” line I get a screen that pops up saying the User Name as “Admin” with the users email still showing. If I continue to save anyway, a red lettered message pops up “The User Name Admin is already used by another user.” So it seems I am not able to change a users password after all… so far I am having to delete the user’s account and make a new one, but that will cause problems if the user’s old account was used for some parts of the website- it will be deleted also… so I really need to find a solution for the Admin to be able to change passwords or at least generate a temporary one. Help on this is very appreciated.