9.2.2 update: ERROR Cannot declare class

Hi, I tried to upgrade from 9.2.1 to 9.2.2, by launching from the Dashboard. Now I get this error

Cannot declare class Concrete\Core\Entity\Express\Control\Control, because the name is already in use

error occurs in /public/updates/concrete-cms-9.2.2-remote-updater/concrete/src/Entity/Express/Control/Control.php

My configuration:

Environment & details:

Concrete CMS

Version “9.2.2”
Installed Version “9.2.1”
Database Version “20231002142400”

Version “8.0.30”

Have you encountered this as well? Can someone help me out?

It’s odd that your installed version and version are different - did the upgrade finish running?

Otherwise you might want to post the full environment info to help folks troubleshoot a little more easily :+1:

Thanks @EvanCooper!
I don’t actually know if the update finished running; I would guess not, as the error occurs in the /public/updates folder. But I am unsure if this means anything.

I’ll post the link to the error below, so anybody can see what I see. Thanks for the tip :+1:

Here is the error, for anyone to see: https://www.test.mevm.ch/carta_escursionistica/public/