9.2.7 it's already available for download but... I'm just saying

This new version .2.7 and probably the two previous ones - team guys - Kudos - you finally managed to master the skin modifiers - I am extremely grateful - I can remove some of the css because it started working - a very good move. keep this direction.
Thanks a lot.

small problem - but I don’t think there’s anything to worry about - version 9.2.4 doesn’t see this update, but otherwise good job

I found an older version - is this how it’s supposed to work?

I’m just asking - nothing more.

pps. Anyway, everything looks fine - thanks again for the skin modifiers.

Well, maybe one more small correction, it’s still impossible to force the block to be centered in the foot, e.g. social - I found a workaround, but wouldn’t it be better if the system worked consistently?

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Thanks @ampersand! Appreciate the feedback. :+1:

Let me see about those questions.

Quick follow up:

  • Concrete release issue - That could be an issue with the release service - we are working on that.
  • Could be something about the way the block is coded that doesn’t honor the style - might want to make an issue for that one. :+1:


Please do it - everyone in the future will be grateful to you without even knowing it. it’s worth improving.

Sure if you can link me your issue I can add a +1 there :+1: