9.x minor bug in "Swap" file upload dialog

Heya. Got some old Concrete 5.x sites and just getting into 9.x on a new one and have run into a minor quirk in the Files manager.

If you use the Manage > Swap menu on a file to replace an image or whatever, the dialog that pops up on the ‘Your Computer’ tab has its contents hidden (opacity 0%). You can drag files into it anyway and click Import and it works, you just don’t see any of the file icons or progress indications obviously.

Looking at the elements it seems like one of the enclosing divs (id=“local”) has the class “tab-pane fade active” but is missing “show” to make it visible. So far I’ve not exactly found in the code where this is supposed to happen :smiley:

Hi Thank you for the bug find. I have verified and opened up an issue in github https://github.com/concretecms/concretecms/issues/10729

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