A few questions about blocks

So I’ve been working on the template a bit more.

I haven’t managed to get a copy of Atomik yet, but as I’ve read, some people don’t make a copy at all, but work with Atomik directly under the concrete/theme/atomik directory and change their “parameters” there.

Now today I wanted to adjust the navbar, but I noticed that it’s not actually under concrete/theme/atomik/blocks, but under concrete/blocks.

Can I “just” move blocks like that and are they then loaded from concrete/theme/atomik/blocks or do I have to do more?

I’m not a developer, which is why I’m asking “strange” questions.

This is why there’s an issue today ( Complete switch to TWIG · Issue #12099 · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub )

I’d be happy if someone could answer this for me, I’ll try it the hard way tomorrow if necessary

You can customize almost everything in concrete.
Just avoid to edit files in the concrete directory (why? These modifications will be lost if you upgrade concrete)…

There’s a doc that explains how to override stuff: Override (almost) any core file in Concrete CMS

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