A few questions

Hello I have a few questions which I hope is okay to ask?

  • The copyright message on the footer is that removeable or does it have to stay?

Screenshot 2023-10-16 182032

  • Can the site be edited via code if needed to not just relied on by addons?

  • the Multisite is that where you use another software with concrete for example Joomla for forums?

Thank you!

Hello gingerbread,

The copyright message can easily be removed from the site by adding CSS to set the code block to display: none, or by deleting the html markup that contains the code.

For example, in the Elemental Theme, you could use this CSS:

#concrete5-brand {
  display: none;

Or you could navigate to the elemental theme folder → elements → footer, and either comment out or remove the footer code block that contains the tag id="concrete5-brand".

As far as site editing, the entire site can be edited if you have an understanding of HTML, PHP and CSS. You can create custom blocks based on the default blocks that come pre-installed, and you can create and edit your own template pages, and use them anywhere in the site. This link will get you started.

The Multisite feature is meant to host multiple sites within a single Concrete install, and not alongside a different CMS. You can view the details here.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the thoughtful reply @vergedesign !

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