Abandoned blocks / areas question - got stuck, need help

Hi everyone.

Friday (24.02.2023) I’ve been facing the following issue:
When using the Concrete CMS search on my page I was getting some weird results.
I’ll explain it in details:

Let’s say I’ve been searching for keyword “Batman”, and I have 3 pages.
Page 1 contains Batman
Page 2 does not contain Batman
Page 3 does not contain Batman

When searching I got as result Page 1 and Page 3.

Checked the PageSearchIndex table, and indeed, the “content” column was containing the word Batman, yet when I visit the page and check in the source code, the word was nowhere to find.

Checked how the PageSearchIndex is built, and figured out that it was caused by an old area, initially called “Character details”, which indeed contained the word. This Area was later on renamed to “Character description”, and the content of “Character details” area right now hangs in the void.

So I can say I understand how the problem happened, and have a clue how to solve it.

And then it struck: I saw in one of the Townhall meetings a solution for this exact problem: identifying the blocks, which once were attached to the page, but they are not visible anymore, because the area is not rendered anymore.

Started searching, but couldn’t find.

So my question for you is: Can you please point out where I could find that already implemented solution?
I can barely remember, but it was visible in edit mode and you were able to switch to a different tab (like the blocks in the clipboard) and you could see the blocks which were attached to the page, but not rendered on page load. Also you could copy those blocks or drag to another area.

If you have any idea where I could find this content, please let me know, because worst case scenario: I have to re-watch all the townhall meetings, which would be around 36 hrs of content.

Thank you for reading it.

@jocomail78 This may be what you’re looking for BUG: Search indexing the old page version's content

Indeed, that’s what I’m talking about.
This means that the Orphaned Blocks feature is part of the V9 already.
Will try to move the functionality to V8, since the project is not in a stage to update to V9.
Thanks for the quick answer.