About managing a blog (struggeling)

Dear all,
it’s a bit strange to start all over again without being able to browse the old forum…
I can’t find any documentatio0n about how to manage a blog in C5 (8.5.5).
I started with the original sample pages and as far as I understood I copy them and use the copy as new blog entry.
When I now have the entries listed on a page using the listing block it will always show some abstract text from somewhere, not changing at all, even when I change the text content.
From where does this text originate please and did I start the blog the right way?
Thank you for any help and hints

The text you are seeing is the page description. This is a page property rather than content of the page and is used, amongst other things, for the short intro text you see in a blog listing.

You can edit the description and other page metadata such as attributes from the sitemap or from the page [cog] side panel. Settings

To add new blog entries, you may find it easier to use the new page button (to the right of the main menu bar) to create a page of type ‘Blog entry’.

There is also documentation on setting up a blog from scratch, but you may find that a bit of an overload at present. Setup a simple blog within Concrete 5.7.

The old forums are now online at https://archive.concretecms.org/community/forums

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John, thank you very much especially for the link to the old forums.
I actually try to use the blog function to manage two different page categories on the site.
One is for displaying reviews (admin managed) and the other for news, recipes and other entries.
I’m struggeling at the moment as the blog always accesses all entries even if I try to separate them, and I didn’t find a documentation specifficly dealing with the blog funktion. I’ll try your link – thx for that.

Are you using the page list block to pull the pages. You can select where and what type of pages you want to pull.

What i would do is setup a page type for both those pages and then you can use the list to pull in the right ones on the right page. Alternatively you can place all the pages under a certain page and then pull any page but from that location.

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Hey stephanaust

If I’m understanding correctly it sounds like you are using the same page type of two different blog area. In this case I would create two page types for your blog and use the page list block to display the specific page type.

Inside of page type in the output section. Just select the various blocks you want to display on the page when a new page is created. Hope that helps.

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Thank you TMDesigns yes that’s what I’m aiming for and I’ll give it a try as you recomend

Thank you stewblack23, you are right and I’ll look into it further with your suggestion.
Thank you