Access to 'Export to CSV' download of Form results

Anyone know of a way to give non-admins access to the Export to CSV download from the list of form results? I have a small recreational sports club who gather names on a form of folks wishing to participate and they want this list to be available to members of the ‘Captains’ who can peruse the list for folks to add to their team. I have tried adding a link to “index.php/dashboard/reports/forms/csv_export/##” but the Captains group don’t have permission to land that deeply into the dashboard so it crashes the site. I’ve searched the permissions system for anything related to this but have come up empty. Any work-rounds or solutions anyone can think of.

You could add a front-end block to list the results and add it to a page visible to captains only.

Then (if still needed) add a CSV export to a custom block template.

Thanks for the push in the right direction. If they can see the submitted form entries then they don’t really need the CSV file. I’ll come at it from that angle. Thx.

If you ever need a forms system with more capability, I have Form Reform on the way. All the functionality on my support site is good for production and in use on production sites.

Wow, that looks wonderful. Why don’t they just hire you to do things right the first time? LOL.