Activing a Link within an Express Object

Hey there folks!

I am currently running version 9.2.6.

Under Express > Data Objects > I have set an entry using the URL attribute. While the link text will display when looking at the Express Object Details, I notice the link is not active or clickable.

Is there a permission within Concrete that I need to turn on to allow the URL to be active?


John D.

I am hunting for similar information. The whole Express structure is different from the Pages structure and access to permissions is rather opaque. Been hunting unsuccessfully for the answer but have not gotten there yet.

Hi John - what block are you using to display the Express link?

I was using the details block.

So looking over this, in the back end, when the hyperlink is created, you go to a dashboard page.

On the front end, there’s no concept of a public detail page at a public level. Concrete doesn’t output a link. When you render that detail block, it’s getting the front end detail for the form.

So that is to say, you wouldn’t want the front end to try to hyperlink to express detail pages in the backend, because it wouldn’t work. So Concrete doesn’t try to render a hyperlink because there’s nothing permissable to link to.

Thanks, Evan. I appreciate the explanation! That makes a lot of sense.

John Duvall

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