Add Background overlay to background image

I have a number of images that I have set in the background of the Container using ‘Edit Layout Design’. This works well. The images are slightly too bright and I’d love to have an overlay onto to ‘dull’ them slightly. Other than adding the layer to the photos and then re uploading, is there a simple way in Concrete?

Hi @justynpride,

There’s nothing in the core that would add an overlay to an image for you - you would probably need to do some custom CSS. You might be able to add a custom CSS class to the container block, like “.cool-container-class”.

Then you could throw a content block in there and give tweak the styles and such - but essentially you’ll want to get an element in there you can style, and essentially get this going on (but without the JS toggling, you probably don’t need that): W3Schools Tryit Editor

Hope that helps!

That’s really helpful. For now I’ve just added a layer to the images before uploading. I will look to play with this a bit more in the future.