Add Layout is missing from dropdown menu on blocks

I routinely went to edit a block, wanting to add a 3-col layout, and to my surprise, the only item on the drop-down menu was “Add Block”. Everything else seems to be behaving as it should. Does anyone know what might cause this to happen and how to fix it?

Hey there. Can you add some additional information? Have you recently upgraded C5? Do you use a theme from the marketplace? Did you develop the theme yourself?

When it comes to malfunctioning core editing behavior I have personally experienced a lot of weird stuff. Without fail, its been some crazy thing that I added to my custom theme that interfered with the functionality of the core. Adding z-index to some areas of the theme template can make the area uneditable. I’ve had some javascript that caused certain blocks to not be movable. Etc.

Long story short, if you are not already using one, try switching your site’s theme to one of the included themes. Elemental is what I switch to when I am trying to confirm that an error or weird behavior is part of my theme or not.

Thanks for your reply and sorry for my late reply to you.
The site I’m working on has been under development for a long time due to a lack of response from my client - they’re in no hurry to finish, I guess. Anyway, I’m now responding to some changes they’d like to make and one of them involves changing the number of columns on a page. To do this, as I’ve done many, many times, I click on a block and chose Add Layout, and so on. But now, all the menu shows is “Add Block”. It obviously worked at one time or I wouldn’t have the multi-column layout I have now.
I’m currently on Concrete v. 8.5.12 and using Pixel Theme 2.4.0. I did upgrade Concrete from 8.5.1, but that was in hopes of fixing this problem. It didn’t. I can’t think of anything that I changed that would cause this menu to be limited to only the one item, “Add Block”. I thought maybe it would be related to a permission setting but I haven’t done anything with that. Do you have any other ideas?

Are you trying to add a layout to a Global Area? I don’t believe that’s possible, which can be a little confusing sometimes.

No, just a standard block. I’ve been using this option for around 10 years or more. This is the first time I’ve run into it. Since my initial post, I’ve tested changing to the Elemental theme, and nothing changes. It is peculiar that nothing else appears broken It just limits this menu, which usually has the options,

Add Block
Edit Area Design
Add Layout

but now only shows
Add Block
I have six other sites using this theme and they all work fine.
I’m guessing it is not the theme’s fault since the “Elemental” theme behaved the same.

I found the solution to this.
Within the Pixel Theme, there is a Pixel Options item under the Pages & Themes section on the Concrete Dashboard. Inside the Pixel Options is a tab for White Labeling. Within that tab, near the bottom, is a Design section. Within that are two checkbox items, “Disable Design Custom” & “Disable Design Layouts”.
These were both checked. I probably checked them at some point without fully knowing the impact of that decision. I kept thinking it must be a setting somewhere turned off, but I had a difficult time finding it. Too bad that’s not in their searchable documentation somewhere. Anyway, once found it was a simple matter of unchecking these options. I hope this documentation helps someone else find this solution more quickly.