Adding a container

Please help because I don’t really get it.
How I’m able to add a few container with custom css classes to Main, from the live editor.
The goal is every added container needs different css class for full width background and offcourse if it’s possible, I would like to jump over the extra php file creating for this so that’s why I mentioned the live editor.

What i’ve tried so far:

  1. If I click on Main there is option to add Layout and after add custom css class from live editor to this layout container, but in this way I can’t able to move this container to another place because it’s no moving icon appearing on mouse hover and it’s stays directly the bottom of Main, close to Footer. So in this way I can’t reorganize.

  2. If I make a new containername.php under elements/containers and associate in dashboard in this way I can move the container to another position, just the thing is I don’t think that I need to always make a new php file for every different css classed container.

I hope my confusion is clear and someone can point me to the right direction, thanks!

There is an issue on that in GitHub. The intention is that containers will have a design menu like blocks/layouts/areas. No timescale AFAIK.

Thanks JohntheFish, I understand.