Adding a new entry express without select associated attribute


I have an Express Object with association.

I make form to add entries to my Express Object. In this form I add my association and I didn’t check the box “Yes, this form element is required”.

If I want to add entry to my object, I cannot do this if I have not selected an attribute of the associated element. I have this error “You must select a valid (name of my Association)”

Is there someone to help me with this problem? Is this a bug?

Best regards


I find the solution of this bug.
On the version 8.5.7 in the file concrete/src/Express/Form/Control/Validator/AssociationControlValidator.php

I add this change :

public function validateRequest(Control $control, Request $request)
    if ($control->isRequired()) {
        $associationValue = $request->request->get('express_association_' . $control->getId());
        if (!$associationValue) {
             * @var AssociationControl
            $this->errorList->add(t('You must select a valid %s', $control->getAssociation()->getTargetEntity()->getName()));

    return $this->errorList;

It missed if ($control->isRequired()) {

can you post that as an issue with suggested fix on GitHub.
(or if feeling adventurous, also post a pull request fixing the code)

Ok I will do that. Thanks