Adding a separate subdomain

I have created a subdomain and need to have specific pages served only on that subdomain. I found that Concrete has multisite but there is a warning that it can negatively affect my site. Is it best to simply install another separate instance of Concrete?

I don’t think there is a reason multisite would negatively impact your Concrete site.

If you’re thinking of duplicate content, the content for your multisite that is accessible at the subdomain won’t also be available at the main domain, so you won’t get a duplicate content penalty.

@EvanCooper This domain is only for landing pages with unique content.
I set up a subdomain, and enables the multi-sites and configured the site type as well as added a new site. I can’t figure out how to associate the new site to the new subdomain.

Any assistance?

I hope you might be aware that pages can be created from backend. So you can selected domain/ subdomain on which the page will be created. Later you can delete the pages created on domain/ subdomain.

But that will involve some programming as well to achieve what you require.

@gentlemanspath so there are three things you’ll need to configure to get the multisite answering at your subdomain:

1.) You need to set up your multisite and set the canonical domain as the subdomain you want in Concrete itself here when you add the site: /dashboard/system/multisite/sites

2.) You need to configure your hosting environment / server to point the subdomain at the Concrete site webroot (here’s some information on this for cPanel as an example).

3.) Make sure wherever your DNS is hosted has an the different records needed set to point the subdomain at wherever your Concrete site is hosted. Wherever you manage your domain is probably where you would do that, and their support can probably point you in the right direction there if that doesn’t sound familiar. Here’s an example from GoDaddy.

Hope that helps!