Adding a wysiwyg editor in version 9 to a dialog controller/view

Anyone know how to include the wysiwyg editor in a dialog controller / view file?
The below doesnt seem to work.

                $editor = \Core::make('editor');
                echo $editor->outputStandardEditor('description', $description);

Im getting a javascript error

ReferenceError: CKEDITOR is not defined

I know i must be missing something in the controller to load some sort of assets?

Why the slash infront of make?

Embedding the Rich Text Editor.

I have a dialog controller and view in my package. The slash in front is to make sure we are getting the right namespace.

I am doing exactly what the article says but I’m using this in a dialog… I think I’m doing something wrong to have this not work well in my dialog.

Yeah I think you might need to register the assets to support that.

Here’s a doc on registering assets:

And here’s an asset list of built-in assets to load in: