Adding Custom css to the theme takes a lot of clicks

Building up a custom css is one of my most used techniques but to get there takes a lot of clicks.
Gear > Design > Customize > scroll to the bottom of the long list > Custom css

It’s buried deeper than almost anything else! Is there any way to keep that css editor open all the time? Either by changing the code (probably not feasable) or editing a file in the file system? Would sure save a lot of time!

Rather than using the theme editor, you can:

  1. Use @mesuva’s Script Output - concrete5 to put <style> and css into the header. Put it in a regular area for page-local css. Put it in a global area for global css.
  2. For individual pages, put your css in a header extra content attribute
  3. Use the site tracking code editor in the dashboard to inject css globally

I’ll add that we specifically built the Theme Styling Tool add-on for adding custom CSS to a site because the custom CSS section is difficult to repeatedly use:

We use this all the time ourselves on sites where a pre-built theme is being used.
This also has live reloading, so you can keep the editor window open, save, and see your CSS updates applied immediately. (video gives a good demo of this)