Adding custom fonts to default Atomik help

Hi there,

I have little experience with web development but have some programming experience.

Our church has it’s website on concrete which was developed for us nearly 10 years ago by a friend of one of our volunteers. Consequently it’s just ticked-over with some tweaks here and there.

I’ve taken it on board to bring it up to date knowing that with the help of this community I should succeed (and learn a lot on the way). I’m using the latest Atomik theme in Concrete 9 and have successfully customised the colour scheme to our brand colours. My only problem is that our brand guidelines insist on Museo slab font which isn’t in Google API. I have the font files that I can upload but how do I use them?


Have you tried cloning the theme and then customizing it? Here’s a tutorial which may help get you started: How to clone and customize Atomik theme :: Concrete CMS