Addon search, v9 filter gets un-set

When I go to the Addons section of the Marketplace on the main website for Concrete, the filter for v9 (and maybe any other filter stuff?) gets cleared as soon as I search anything in the field (after applying the filter.

So as a result, the search results for whatever I’m searching are without whatever filters I just set.

Yeah, honestly, you’d think someone on the core team would be embarrassed enough by that broken filter to spend a moment to fix it but alas, no, it’s been like that since the site was re-done several years ago. I wonder how many refunds have been needed because the wrong version was purchased when folks didn’t notice that their v9 filter was no longer active.

Thanks for pointing that out @BloodyIron - we will get that resolved :+1:

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You’re welcome @EvanCooper ! :smiley: Any word on the “xxx lines of code” linking to void() on the legacy Forums? (as in, expanding hidden code blocks that spill-over to see all the code, last I checked it wasn’t working on the legacy forums and I did report that a while back)