Adjusting CSS after site deployed and live

We have a site build with v.9.2.1, done by a web agency. The site is now live and now we need to make several adjustments to the styling.
We tried changing the sass files then emptied the cache as we are used to our old v.8 setup.
For some reason this way of finetuning doesn’t work anymore. We checked the manual but we coudln’t find any information how to do it, if site is deployed.
Can please somebody give us a hint how to simply change some css/sass. Thanks.

Sounds like they have have used a sass files that will need compiling. Where is the sass file is it in the theme folder and are there any other CSS files in the theme?

The files are located under /packages/raytec/themes/raytec/css/scss/features/navigation/_raymobile.scss and there are many other files in other folders with similar paths.

And there is /packages/raytec/themes/raytec/css/main.scss

And are there any compiles .CSS files?

sorry, this line is different, it is main.css not scss.

And there is /packages/raytec/themes/raytec/css/main.scss

what would be a compiles CSS?
there are no other css or scss files.

Are you on Mac or pc and what program do you use for coding?

We code with Visual Studio Pro mostly on a Mac.

So you can check out this post

Basically all the Css is in various sass files and then that is all compiled into one file

in your /packages/raytec/themes/raytec/css/scss/ there is probably a file main.scss which is the file you need to run the compiler on. This file if you open it should have references to all the other sass files.

Thanks, Tim.
That seems to be auspicious info. I’ll try this.

Tim, this is really phantastic!

Now even a normal, regular person can modify a style in a bedrock theme without beiing a developer and having a complicated development environment.

I think concretecms has totally forgotten those people who just want to adjust a theme. As a designer and webmaster I also felt excluded from newer concrete technologies. Most of the site we manage are non bedrock, but version 9 themes with LESS.

Thanks to the tool you suggested I am back in.


Thanks, this theme may not have bedrock inside it it all depends whether it has the bedrock line of code in the main.scss.

Just to clarify. The way I understood it was that bedrock is there to help people who use bootstrap for theme development. It’s not a “you must use it”, it’s a “it’s there if you want to”. You can still build themes without the bedrock stuff and there is still LESS support.

ConcreteCMS haven’t forgotten anyone, they are just always looking to make things easier for people. For me bedrock is great, but some of my older site I have upgraded just don’t need it, so I don’t use it.

I think I speak for most ConcreteCMS developers in that what the guys have added to V9 and the way it uses containers and other new smart features is epic. But also the way I can still just quickly spin up a site with a bought theme is equally brilliant. ConcreteCMS is better than most CSM software as it can be used by so many different skilled or unskilled people. But I feel where it comes into its own is the way it’s not that hard to learn to code for the beginner or mid-level developer.

Thanks for your clarification. It tempted me to write this explanation:
In the school where I teach design techniques, students can choose a CMS for their work. Since version 9, only one out of ten students chooses ConreteCMS. Before, v. 9 it was the opposite, - nine students out of ten chose concrete5 v.8. When asked, they say that ConcreteCMS recommends Atomik which requires a complicated developer environment and that they cannot deal with the extra time and overhead precedures. Plus the new version screwed up the layout-mode, giving up wysiwyg,- vertically scattered areas and layouts with visually confusing block display. I’m writing this to underline that these students will use in their future a CMS for further, maybe commercial projects. That is why I wrote «forgotten» or missed chance for tomorrows ConcreteCMS users.

Wow, how interesting.

If these students are finding it hard then I suspect they just need a little help. The complicated developer environment is really very simple, Using something like PHPStorm which is free to educational user, they should have it setup in about 10mins.

There are numerous other themes on the market place that they can use. Including the elemental theme that ships with ConcreteCMS.

In terms of layouts I feel V9 handles this in probably the best way of all the versions. Maybe you need to have a chat with @frz or @andrew to see how they can assist in helping.

My students are familiar with basic HTML, CSS and a little JS. They usually do their work in school, office and from home on different devices. So each computer would need a development setup in order to use modern bedrock. With v.8 we used a simple FTP connection to do the job. Some of the students tried setting up a development env. without success. Maybe due lack of proper instruction for simpletons.

I just did some research on wysiwig. There are some users who aren’t happy with with the editing layout. In our field of graphic design and engineering it’s quite important to have true wysiwyg. (The reason we are with this CMS) This visual help tool makes understanding and working fast, without beeing distracted by small inconsistencies. Think of Apple Lisa’s VI - it started a whole industry.

I see there is movement on Github, regarding this issue. Even a small relief is offered with with the app.php file. Let’s hope for a true improvement.