Advanced Mega Menu

Hey just curious,

Has anyone ever seen advanced mega menus with vertical tabs done in Concrete? See the example below:

In the example, if you hover over “vertical tabs” you’ll see an advanced mega menu. Ever see anything like that done?

Have a look at Mega Menu 5.7+ - concrete5 and contact the developer if you need clarification. jb1 is good on support.

Thanks John! I can always rely on you to respond!

You may remember I was posting on the forums a few months back on mega menus. I ended up connecting with JB and I will be working with him on a custom project right when V9 is released. Really looking forward to it he has been great to work with.

I’m still in the process of coming up with the final requirements for what will be needed. One of the key stakeholders in the project referred me to a site that had a navigation like the link in my initial comment. I’ve seen that done frequently in Wordpress, but I don’t believe I have ever seen anything like that done in Concrete. I will be sure to run that by JB if we do need to move in that direction. Just starting some exploratory conversation in the meantime.