After version 9 upgrade administrator user group permission not acting correctly

We recently upgraded a clients website to version 9 and they reported their administrator users are not seeing the /dashboard/users/search users list.

What is strange is the user permissions are set correctly…

When i’m logged in as their admin account i also noticed when trying to edit a group i receive a permission error “You do not have access to edit this group.”

As a note we do NOT have advanced permissions enabled and the super admin user can still access everything…

Has anyone else had this experience? Hoping to get help with a solution since my clients cannot edit their users information currently…

Link to other screenshots for reference…

Please help!

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Interesting. Thank you for the screen shots, they are helpful. I do see some permission improvements in our latest release 9.1.0 Release Notes :: Concrete CMS but it doesn’t sound like the issue you are experiencing.

Are you able to paste your environment info and add it to the screenshots folder?

Hello Jes,
Thank you for the quick response! Hoping someone can help figure out this issue. I have added an environment.txt file to the same GD folder for your review.

Appreciate it!

Still looking for input on this issue but i think we might have figured it out… Based on Jes pointing out the patch notes for upgrading to version 9.1 i checked out clients website ConcreteCMS version and its only 9.0.2. So… upgrading to ConcreteCMS 9.1 looks like it might help resolve these issues we are having. I’m going to try upgrading the website today and fingers crossed this helps.

We just upgraded the version to 9.1.1 and are still having the same permission issues. I have updated the GD Link earlier in the thread to include the most recent environment information.

Have you tried unsetting the permissions and setting them again?

We did initially remove all user permissions, save the page, reload the page, re add permissions for the administrator user group.

We just did again on the upgraded version 9.1.1 and unfortunately the issue still persists. I have a new Google Drive url with recent screenshots.

In Concrete CMS v9, if you want the user search to work correctly after upgrading from 8.x, go to Dashboard > System & Settings > Permissions & Access > User Permissions and add the Administrators group (and any others you want) to Default Group Permissions > Search Group Folder:

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THANK YOU! This was the solution. In my case i was getting a blank dropdown when trying to create a new access entity (see screenshot)… but… I was able to drag and drop the administrator user group pill down to the user group defaults list and then save the page.After add this my administrators group to the user group defaults permissions i logged in as an administrator and sure enough i can now see the users list.

Thank you Myq!