All forum links from google are broken, no search facility in documentation

Since launching the new site under the domain name, all forum links from google are broken. There is also no obvious search facility in documentation.

This means it’s now almost impossible to get support online. Am I missing something or is this a disaster for developers??

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Same discussion going on in this thread… Forum Archives

This should be resolved now - we have deep links are redirecting to an archived version of the legacy forums. Let me know if that’s looking better for you.

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Yes, that appears to be redirecting just fine, Thanks

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Absolute life saver, thanks so much Evan, great work!

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You bet! Glad we could get that resolved.

As posted in the other thread on the topic, the redirects are NOT working, and I have lost so many links to a matter I was working on with @mnakalay

Additionally, I can only post 3 times in the same thread? WTF is this? That’s not how you stop spam or bots…

Any specific links not working?

There are limits on your first day after registration but it doesn’t look like we limit replies to 3 per topic.

Well that’s what the forum told me, 3 posts per topic. Anyways…

This is the first post I care the most about:

Here’s additional examples:

Okay WTF “users can put only two links in a post” yeah you guys really need to tune the forum rules here.

Also, the forum just said “sorry you can’t post a link to that post” when I linked to www .concretecms. com WTFFF

Yeah I tried to post URLs but now my post are getting flagged. This really is an incomplete rollout :confused:
And can we please get a Dark theme??? this is burning my eyes

@BloodyIron here you go Stuck on making template for Express List Block - Showing images - concrete5

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Yay! That worked!

Okay, for those reading this, change the “www.” subdomain to “archive.” and the TLD from “.com” to “.org” and they all work! (all of the ones I have anyways).

Now to get some of the anti-spam settings tuned, and a Dark Theme and we’re delicious ;D

Also, thanks for your help @mnakalay !

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Just for completeness, the original question mentioned a lack of search facility. You can use Search :: Concrete CMS