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Many, if not all links to the old forum archived replies to members request for help including the Best Answers, are now returning a 404 response.
Please don’t tell me that they have been deleted!

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Yeah I alone had a long going conversation with Mnakalay just this week and it’s gone! I NEED the solutions he posted!

Furthermore, there were SO MANY SOLUTIONS that were indexed by google and other search engines, that were forum posts, that now appear to be GONE! I can’t even search for old solutions that can work at times!

This really does need to get addressed, not only for my needs, but the needs of the greater community. This is a big deal!

I find it hard to believe they would actually delete the entire knowledgebase!

Argh I really hope none of it is gone, but if the old forums are google reachable that could be weeks to months before the google indexing catches up! And the thread I posted and was active in I can’t even find at all. I was going to work on the content posted this weekend, and now I cannot. :frowning:

Following a thread in Slack where Myq has said they are working on a solution to bring back the archives. So not all lost, Thankfully.

Greetings all,

No we would not delete your wisdom! :wink: Those deep links in Google should be resolving to an archived version of the legacy forums now. Let me know if that’s looking better for you.

The old URLs are still producing 404’s though

I believe this was the primary one I’m interested in, but others are the same :

If the URLs are not identical to what they were previously (all forum posts, etc), then that will for sure break the indexing search engines have, and every single one will suffer. I know because I’ve experienced this on one of my (pre-concrete) websites in the past, where I made the same mistake.

Here’s another example:

Yeah I tried to post some URLs that aren’t working and it got blocked >:(

I can’t download attachments in the old forum posts. For example: Page list highlight - concrete5

Is there any way to download?

@mesign looks like an oversight. I’ll see if we can get a fix in for that ASAP.

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@mesign that should be fixed now. Let me know if you have any further problems with attachments.

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I (along with many others I’m sure) had over 650 messages posted in the old forums. When I search for jasteele12 in the archive, there are less than 10 listed.

I sure wish I would have copied at least the code I posted there over 10+ years.

I had a Google Alert for concrete5 that would get at least 10 posts per day from across the web. Now it gets less than 5 in maybe a whole week. This was before the concrete CMS branding change.

Twitter traffic has dropped DRAMATICALLY in the last 1/2 year. Trying to find YouTube videos has become a real hit-and-miss.

I think this needs to be addressed ASAP.

Looking into this. In the meantime, you can also use Google like this: jasteele12 - Google Search

Do you have any ideas for addressing the other issues you mentioned?

Hi Myq,

That Google search returns around 150 links (way less than 650).

I don’t have any ideas about the branding change - searching for ‘concrete CMS’ gives no where near the results as ‘concrete5’.

I also asked on Twitter what hashtag to use now, but didn’t really get a definitive answer. I now have lists for both #concrete5 and #concrete_cms

But, I see @concrete_cms posted on the 9th announcing the town hall with the hashtags #ConcreteCMS #FOSS #CMS

A search for #concrete_cms shows only a few tweets, and almost all tweets with #concreteCMS seem to be from Katz Ueno (congrats on the Golden Baton!)

So, I think that should probably be addressed…