Allowed File Types

I like to set “gif.mp4”
But the system by saving take out my “dot”… ;( :thinking: Ideas??

There is no such file type as gif.mp4 nor is there a file type of gifmp4
So what you are not understanding is that the file types are listed by the file extensions and as an example a has the extension of ‘zip’, that is the letters that are appended after the dot.
The list of extensions are all seperated by a comma like this doc, docx, xml
The file extensions of gif and mp4 are already listed amongst the file types so it is difficult to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve?

So is it a ‘.gif’ or a ‘.mp4’. Has to be one or the other.

yeaa normal… this was an mp4 but is now a gif.with this confusing double end…
but i solved by easy trick…produce new .gif and all is fine :joy: