An exception occurred while executing 'SELECT t0.pkgID AS pkgID_1

I thought we posted this yesterday, but can’t find it. Sorry if it’s a repost.

For a client, we moved a mySQL DB from a local web server to seperate mySQL server.

We are getting this error when we launch the site:

An exception occurred while executing 'SELECT t0.pkgID AS pkgID_1, t0.pkgHandle AS pkgHandle_2, 
 t0.pkgVersion AS pkgVersion_3,
 t0.pkgIsInstalled AS pkgIsInstalled_4, t0.pkgAvailableVersion AS pkgAvailableVersion_5, 
 t0.pkgDescription AS pkgDescription_6, t0.pkgDateInstalled AS pkgDateInstalled_7, 
 t0.pkgName AS pkgName_8 FROM Packages t0 WHERE t0.pkgIsInstalled = ? ORDER BY t0.pkgID ASC' with params [1]: 
 SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'duraflex.Packages' doesn't exist

We’ve made the appropriate change to database.php, configured the stand alone linux mysql server accordinglyg (remote access, accounts etc).

We know that works because we can connect, login and then we get above error. We’ve used mysqldump and phpmyadmin to dump and load the database on the new server. No errors at all.

To eliminate any errors/issues with our Server setup, we created a new db “Dummy” and installed Elemental on the local web server and set the IP address of the MySQL Server. Everything installed and worked fine.

We then installed the Packages we needed (Image Slider and Back To Top). Again everything is fine, no issues at all.

We then ran multiple queris against the Packages Table (on the Original Server) as well as the New MySQL server. The results are identical, so we know everything is as it should be and intact.

Used mysqldump and phpmyadmin to export/import the data - no errors reported at all.

We noticed on the Debug/Environment Part of the Screen (to the right of the exception error) the following:

key value

We changed the IP addresses in the appropriate files to point to the IP address of the server (i.e. removed, same results.

If anyone has an insight as to what is causing the errors, I would appreciate it greatly.


Assuming your port and address of your database are correct, I suspect that you may have moved from a case-insensitive environment to one which is case-sensitive. Is the packages table in the database packages or Packages?