Anatomy Theme - Some doubts

Hi there!

I’m trying to learn about ConcreteCMS and i’m starting to playing arround it. I found it takes a different aproach as some CMS i used before (wordpress long ago, Joomla and October/Winter CMS). Trying to figure out about it’s structure, a not so linear database, and how all different pieces merge together… a long way it seems or the lack of the “Ah Ah!” moment. Anyway, long story short… I’m trying to see how themes/templating works using this awsome work that is “Anatomy Theme”. One thing i get surprized is that when i install the theme package, i’m expecting that it will go to some of the theme folders (concrete or application) but no, it remains in same folder ??? Is this the expected general beavior of theme packages ? Also with other addon packages it’s the same ?


Yes, all add-ons and themes are installed and left in the packages folder.

For me this is great as you can content all custom code in one place.

If for example you want to add a pagelist block template in you theme you can add it to a my package>block>pagelist>templates>mytemplate>view.php instead of putting code in the application folder. You can do this with pretty much most overrides like single pages, controllers and heaps of other stuff.

If you then want to reuse that package you can just pick it up and place it on a new install, boom you have all the stuff you need.

Other CMS’s I have used tend to have stuff all over the place which makes it hard to debug.

Thanks for the clarification TMDesigns.