Any way to copy and reuse forms on multiple pages with separate data files?

I have a generic form which captures signup data for events on a site that I built. This form contains about 6 basic fields and is used for monthly events. I would like to copy this form onto each event’s individual page and have it keep each instance of the form’s data separate. Since I often have several events live on the page at one time, I would like to keep the captured data separate from month to month. When I paste a copied version of my form onto a new page, I cant edit the form name or the name of the captured csv file, so in reality, its just the same form in a different place. I need a new form with the same data fields and new data.

Is there a workaround where I can use the same form on multiple pages and maintain separate data?

What forms system are you using?

With the core (express) forms, and most other forms systems, the form block is merely a way of showing a form that is created and managed in the dashboard. So you are ending up with multiple blocks all pointing to the same actual form.

The only way to have different forms is to actually create the different forms in the dashboard.

An alternative could be to record the page identity with the form, then filter the responses you show to only those matching. Doing so would depend on “each event’s individual page” being genuinely individual pages with a different cID.

For the core express forms, you may find Hidden Data Attributes for Express helpful for noting the cID. You would then need to filter the results shown by the cID recorded with the form.

Other forms systems such as my Form Reform record the cID with form submissions. Form Reform Display then provide options to filter by page.

Thank you John. This is pretty what I figured. I was just hoping someone smarter than myself had a work around. A Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V solution would have been really nice.