Anyone else having issues with the PM system?

The site is able to send me Private Messages by email.
I am able to login to and read my private messages Inbox and Sent.


  • When I open a private message the button to reply to a private message is not there.
  • When I find a user in the members directory, there is no button to send a PM.

I have tried the usual tricks of logging out/in and deleting all cookies with no success.

@EvanCooper - is this some glitch in how the sub-sites communicate permissions?

@JohntheFish So re: the directory, you have to click through to their profile to send a message (send message button on the right):

Re: the reply button not appearing, I’m able to recreate that - it seems to only be impacting new messages. I’ll get it in the queue to get looked at. Thanks for the heads up!

I don’t see that button on any profile page, as per my second point above.

Got it - I thought you were referring to the directory listing itself, not the profile page. I can see that now. I will include that in the report.

All right that should be resolved now @JohntheFish

@EvanCooper. Thank you, appears to be OK except for one user now. Have sent you a PM with details of the ongoing issue and to test the system.

I also, right now, can not see the private message link on ANY profile page either…

disregard, i had to log in again and they are visible.

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Got it, thanks for the confirmation :+1: