Application/files must be writable by web server

I’m trying to install 9.2.9 using composer as described here: composer/ at master · concretecms/composer · GitHub

When I try to install it with

php ./vendor/bin/concrete c5:install  -i

I get the error:

- Writable Files and Configuration Directories... This directory must exist a
nd it must be writable by your web server: application/files/

I created this directories manually and set their permissions to 777 (Basic Setup & Installation) but the error persists. It seems I don’t have suexec or phpsuexec available.

How can I fix this?

php version is 8.1

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I don’t get it: when I do

php -r 'echo is_writable("./application/files/") ? "yes" : "no";'

I get a “yes”.

If I put this in index.php:

    php -r 'echo is_writable("./application/files/") ? "yes" : "no";'

and open the site in a web browser, I get a “yes”.

This really looks like a bug in the installer to me. Very frustrating.

Do you really need a composer install?

Installing from the downloaded zip and the CLI is very reliable.

@lineinthesand this isn’t actually a PHP file that can be served by Apache or Nginx.

Try this:

var_dump(is_writable(__DIR__ . '/application/files'));

If the application/files directory is writable by the webserver, you should see


if it’s not writable, you’ll see:


can you please guide me where I can post my query regarding to installation.

I’m sorry I don’t understand which query you are referring to…