Applying theme on My Account pages


When version 9.2.1 has now been downloaded and installed, I would now like to apply theme atomik to My Account.

From documentation:

In app.php this version 9.2.1 there is no account related data in app.php’s ‘theme_paths’ section, so I added the following 2 lines:

	'/account' => 'atomik',
	'/account/*' => 'atomik',

The resulting My Account pages comes up with theme as expected.

The Profile Picture page /account/avatar however does not come up with the image selection section.

What can be the reason why the image selection section does not appear?

From F12 review, I now found the reason why.

When set to default, the existing JavaScript concrete/themes/dashboard/main.js is called.

When set to theme, the same main.js script is called on this address application/themes/atomik/main.js where it’s non-existing.

I now copied the script concrete/themes/dashboard/main.js to application/themes/atomik/main.js and it works.

Is it Ok to do this, or do we have a better way doing it?

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Hi @Janks - that’s interesting, it might be a core issue - I would raise an issue here to see if that’s something that needs to be fixed, and you might also get some input on your question there as well: