Archived page still showing in Google search results

Hi there, I have come across a page from our website that has been excluded from sitemap, nav and page list but is in essence still ‘live’ and actually comes up as the THIRD result on Google. I don’t want to delete it but is there a way of archiving it so that Google doesn’t keep indexing it and thus showing up in results. I hope that makes sense - I am a very new Concrete5 user.

  1. Your site should have a robots.txt file. It is a simple list of include/exclude instructions for search engines. You can specify the page to not index in that file.
    Robots.txt 简介与指南 | Google 搜索中心  |  文档  |  Google Developers

  2. In the dashboard sitemap, set the permission for viewing the problem page to something other than visitors, such as ‘registered users’ . Permissions will affect the page and all pages below it (unless you set them otherwise)

Also you might want to regenerate your sitemap.xml so it doesn’t include that page and then submit it again to Google, or let it scan it again in a bit.