Are there any setting for date format

I haven’t found a setting to make the date appear everywhere on the site as “d.m.Y” and I would also like time in 24h.

I think this has worked before based on the time zone.

Concrete version: 9.1.1
Theme: Atomik

For example, in the calendar, the time is shown in 24h in some places and 12h in others.

You can change the time zone Dashboard > System > Settings > Basics > Time Zone

Is this doc helpful? How to use the date time widget in concrete5 5.7 blocks

TimeZone won’t help. I think problem is on atomik theme or v9 localization, because date() are hard coded on some blocks. I did modify those blocks, but after updating concrete cms, blocks are default again and have to modify blocks again.

is this correct that there is no way to change the entire site to date format “day month year”, and not “month day year”?

This seems US centric and makes it not a useful environment

Hi @w3d and @russellii - These things should definitely be configurable so if you are finding places where they are not accurately getting reformatted, please make an issue here so that can be fixed: