Assign rights to create new pages in Multisite

Hello, since I’m new, I’m from Contao, I’ve added a few threads to clarify a few questions for me!

I want to set up a multisite (approx. 4-5 domains)

Creating and building is clear. But how do I make it so that other admins who only have one domain assigned can also create new pages under the domain.

Even I as an installation admin (super admin) can only find the menu item (new page) under the installation domain but not under one of the other domains added later.

I’m curious if you can help me here!

Thank you for your help and patience


Hi @csaeum -

So you can create groups for your various users for each site, and then assign them to the permissions for each site that you want them to manage. Like domain1 could have a group called “Domain1 Editors” and you can customize permissions so they can only edit content on the domain1 sitemap, they only have permissions to a certain file manager folder, etc. etc.

Here’s more information about Advanced Permissions: