Associated Links in Express Detail Block

Using Concrete5 9.2.6
Php version 7.3.33

I am new to Concrete5 but so far I very much like what I see. It is a capable, lightweight CMS that offers a lot of capability without having to jump into extensive coding.

I have created an Artist data object and associated it with an Image data object.

When I am at express/entries/view_entry for an Artist, the associated Images appear as hyperlinks to the images

20240228 Artist Entries

On the front end I have an express list block listing all of the artists. Each artist record links to an express detail block which perfectly presents all of the attributes for the artist but the links to the associated images are no longer links, they are just plain text.

20240228 Artist Entries

Can someone point me to some guidance about how to get the associated images properly linked?

Help is much appreciated.

I will note that the video “Express Blocks and Associations” is almost on point except for the fact that there is no way that I can determine to set the custom template (at video 9:05) for an express detail block so that technique cannot be used.

Unfortunately, this breaks my use case. This seems like a bug to me because why would associated links not be maintained in express detail pages… It seems like it should be a simple programmatic fix to make.

As much as I like Concrete5 and what it is trying to accomplish, I am going to have to move to another CMS or online database to address my needs. I hope visibility of information about these issues improves in the future and if they do, I might return to take another look.