Atomik theme multilingual navigation

I’m creating a site that will be in US English and Mexican Spanish. I’ve been able to figure out nearly all of it and I understand the language tree structures. Using Elemental, the auto-nav works and recognizes the user’s chosen language. In the Atomik theme, I’m unable to figure out how to get the top navigation bar to recognize the selected language. It only shows the defautl. I have created “localized” sitewide areas, but no joy. Any tips? All of the documentation/tutorials I have found are for Elemental or older versions of Concrete5.

I just did a Pull Request on the Top Nav Bar block to get it to respect nav_targets. Looking back, it doesn’t appear the texts in it are translated. I’ll look into this…

Edit: It looks like it should be working. Possibly something deeper. I don’t use any translations so I’m unable to do any further testing.

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Version 9.1.1 fixed the navigation issue… mostly. The auto-nav links work as expected, but the title (even with a separate language global block) always points to the default language home page.

It would be nice if the translation could be fixed. All the nav parts translate, but the site name does not.

@baxterdmutt I would make sure there’s either an issue for that here or go ahead and create a new one - thx: Issues · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub