Atomik Transparent Top Navigation Bar

Hey there, has anyone ever noticed that Atomik Top Navigation Bar (if set to ‘Enable transparent functionality…’) still shows non-transparent when you’re logged in? Shows transparent when I log out or use incognito, but solid white bar when I’m logged in as admin. Don’t want the client seeing two versions when they’re making edits.

I noticed it but I wasn’t concerned. Why does it matter? Am I missing something?

It matters for professionalism, yes. I don’t think it’s very professional to give my client login credentials and then when they login they see a completely different header. I make it a habit to never say “Oh yeah, I know about that, just ignore it”.

I can check the CSS when I get a moment and let you know

Hi @fridayphoto - if you’re able to recreate on a demo site then that would definitely be worth submitting as an issue here.