Attempt to read property "requested_version" on null

Got the error message “Attempt to read property “requested_version” on null” when I navigated to the update concrete page. I tried Googling this error and searching the forums here and couldn’t find anything. Any suggestions?

Version Installed - 9.2.7
PHP 8.2.18


The new marketplace connection only works with core v9.3+, so updating the site to 9.3.latest should fix.

There is a bug in 9.3.1 and a pull request to fix (see recent forum posts), so if you can wait for a few day or two 9.3.2 will save needing to patch the bug or update again.

You are probably best doing a manual update using the ‘replace /concrete folder’ method. How to Upgrade Concrete CMS


Thanks, John! That was what I was thinking, I would have to manually upgrade. I’ll wait a few days for 9.3.2. :smiley:

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9.3.2 has just been released: GitHub - concretecms/concretecms at 9.3.2