Automated jobs have been deprecated - Another approach to make it works on version 9

Automated jobs have been deprecated in Concrete CMS 9.0 and will be removed in future versions. On version 9.1, still you can run normal jobs, but you can’t run queueable jobs without fixing code because ZendQueue library has been removed from Concrete core. Also, queueing does not works even if you fix your code to compatible with updated QueueableJob abstract class.

The best way is converting your automated job to “Task,” which is the new feature introduced in version 9. However, manual converting may take a some time to do it, or the author of the add-ons you’re using now has not been released a new version that supports Concrete 9 yet.

That’s why I decided to develop a Task to run automated jobs.

Our team maintains a lot of websites. We created many automated jobs before because automated job is a convenient way to schedule running tasks. I’ll spend a long time to convert them to Tasks if I want to convert all of them.

I hope this package helps developer who maintains a lot of Concrete CMS websites. Please feel free to report if you find some bugs or issues. Thanks!


@hissy you’re a hero! :100:

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I just saw you also had a blog post on that specific topic (link available on the GitHub repo) so i’m posting it here so people can find it more easily

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Beautifull solution @hissy THX!