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Happy Holidays everyone,
Does anyone know of a Content block supporting content versioning and Autosave? It can be for 8.0+ or 9.0+
I have a client who will use the website I am building across multiple devices and sometimes in poor reception areas while editing or adding content. Having autosave and versioning will endeavour to minimise the amount of data and content he enters. He is also interested in using some form of ajax for the client to server communication. which would exclude using the built-in page versioning.


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Hi Martyn,

Yes I see you have this issue open from a bit ago - I agree that would be a useful feature hopefully it can get incorporated soon!

That would be a very handy option and save a lot of headaches. I experience some frustrations too when travelling in areas that have spotty mobile data signal.
Until this point I’ve made a habit of writing (and editing) all content offline (in Microsoft Word, for example), and only once it’s polished and ready, copy and paste it into Concrete. An autosave feature would be a huge benefit to writing on-the-go though.

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Happy New year

I don’t know how I missed your reply, but I thank you for it.

When I originally posted the problem, it was just my partner, but now she has many users of a website I built for her that are scattered around the world, some in low connectivity areas.
I haven’t given up on this, but it has been pushed down my priority list.

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