Background Slider

hi there
does anyone know, if there is a proper way to have a slider (background images) like this: SimmenGroup – Experten für repräsentative Neu- und Umbauten in der Schweiz und im Ausland

all the sliders in the marketplace either don’t have a preview or are not background images…
thank you!

My Omni Gallery addon can be configured to a slider like that using a background image.

oh great!
i will try it – in case it doesn’t work, is there a way to refund it?

If you need any help with setting it up:

  • You can view settings from any of the Omni examples on my support site then import. The video is about UCP, but the same mechanisms are in Omni Gallery. Setings copy and import - YouTube

  • Open a support request through the Get Help link from the marketplace page.