Backup isn't listed in System & Settings

Core Version - 8.5.9
Version Installed - 8.5.9

Hello, I would like to update but can’t backup the site. The option isn’t listed in System & Settings and nothing shows up when I search. Can anyone direct me how to backup so I can update my version? Thank you!

Concrete doesn’t include a backup feature (it did in the past, but it only worked on very small sites).

The best way to approach performing backup is by doing it at the server level.
If you’re on a host with cPanel, log into that, and find the Backup section.

In that:

  • download the home directory
  • download the database

(the ‘full’ account backup option can work too, but is more about migrating servers, hence my suggestion of trigger the two backup downloads seperately)

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That makes sense! Thank you for your time.

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