Backup Voodoo

@JohntheFish Any plans to update your Backup Voodoo add-on for 8+? I really liked the add-on and think it would be great to see it back in action.

Have a wonderful day!

Back when the big breaking change from c5.6 to v7 happened, getting Backup Voodoo updated was one of the first projects in my mind. However, I soon realised that the complexities and size of the v7 database would increase the risk of data being skewed between slices of the backup.

Hence the slicing approach Backup Voodoo used successfully on c5.6 would not have been sufficiently reliable for v7+. Unfortunately, Backup Voodoo couldn’t be updated to v7+. Maybe I could have got it working for a dev site, but not for a live site.

:+1: Thanks for the update.