Badges without tooltips are meaningless

Like it says in the title. It was already a pain to have to hover each and every badge to know what they represented but now we don’t even have the tooltips anymore so badges serve zero purpose.

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Further to the profile page (and this may have been mentioned elsewhere) is that I’d love to see current marketplace items listed again in that place.

When us Concrete developers are promoting ourselves, it can be handle to link to our profile page, to show our activity, achievements, work, etc. Same goes for taking a look at other people’s profiles - it’s great at a glance to be able to see their marketplace items.

But I very much agree these badges need some text.

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I added a ticket about labeling the badges in a meaningful way.

I’ll create a ticket for this suggestion as well, for now the showcase
can show off your your most important add-ons and themes.

Is this the same ticket as

The fix should be easy. The text is already there in an alt attribute. Change or duplicate it to a title attribute.

Good suggestion @jessicadunbar thank you