Blank Page in 9.0.2

How to you add a blank ( no header or footer ) page to a site. I want to add an image slider block to an empty page and link to it using a lightbox.


You need to create a Page Template that’s “blank” and remove the header/footer from that template. This isn’t something that most Themes have out of the box.

I’m having a brain cramp… Remove the header and footer ?


Check how it is done in core elemental theme:

Blank template loads “elements/header_top.php” and default template loads “elements/header.php”.

Difference between those two partials is that:
a) header.php consist of head tag + header (logo/menu etc.)
b) header_top.php consist of head tag only

Your goal is to remove almost everything inside .ccm-page div (only Main area should remain). Header (logo,menu) / footer should not be displayed in that particular template. But code similar to that in header_top.php and footer_bottom.php still should be included.

Hi Parasek…
Thank you, It worked perfectly