Block form layout issue depending on installation type

Hello everybody,

I made a custom block which is installed via a package. Everything works fine except the layout of some elements of the add/edit form layout.
What is strange is that I installed the exact same block via the application folder and everything looks perfect (I only changed the namespace in controller.php).
Why these differences ?

Any idea is welcome. Thanks for your help !

@Junglebob - that’s interesting. In the console, is there any 404’s for CSS or JS or anyting like that in the package-loaded block edit interface?

You have to find code responsible for loading css file in block controller (in addEdit()) and change fifth argument of $al->register() to your package handle. This way it tells to look for a css file in your current package folder.

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There’s effectively a 404. See the details below.
Thanks in advance for your help :smiley:

Many thanks, it works perfectly now :+1: