Block next_previous on Version 9 seems not working correct. Can anyone test this?

I’m building a blog with concretecms version 9. As in previous versions I add a navigation below the post for navigating to the previous or next article.
I use the handy built in block for previous / next navigation. But im my case the output is empty - only the top site (link to parent) is visible. No next or parent link is in the output.
From my structure I have a blog-oververview site and each post is placed under this overview in the sitemap. So that a prev / next could make sense.
Can anyone check this out? Do I miss something or is this a bug?

If i place that next / previous block to the overview – there are some links available. It seems that the output is from the false sitemap-level?

Thanks for checking! Roland

Hi. I have used this block several times in C5 9.0.2 without any problems (in clean install, or after updating from 8.5.7) additionally with changing the default view. Check video:

Maybe some js error, maybe something else? And what can you see in the code after adding the block?

Just a thought , do you have your blog pages set to exclude from nav rather than the parent page set to exclude sub pages from nav?


Thanks for checking! That’s helpful for me and I have do dig further.

Yes. Your thought is a hit!
I had that attribute as default setting in the page-templates. So I forgot about it and that block seems to respect the same attribute and is skipping the pages.
So this is solved by unchecking

Exclude page from navigation

Many thanks!