Blocks _Clipboard can be more smooth

The basic idea and function is still NICE…since ever++

But in V9 PERHAPS it will be possible to change it a bit for be more smooth and slim and faster?

So now it is reading by opening the “Clipboard” real blocks.

But WHY?

If by block save a normal thumbnail from this will be generatet,
then the admin by work have the same visual hint for it,
but the clipboard have less work…

And by the way … my clipboard is so full,
that i search now a way to clean it a bit, WITHOUT that i must open it.

Ideas ?!?

I usually delete the block from the clipboard after I paste it (unless, of course, I’m going to paste it in other places). This keeps the clipboard clean.

In Version 9 there is an option to reset the clipboard and edit mode
Look in dashboard/system/basics/reset_edit_mode

yess thats the old dirty hack… but it kills the SENSE of the clippboard itself ://

sure, but then its EMOTY and not “working” :rofl:

So you have a method to delete individual clipboard items and you have a method to delete all clipboard items and you want something different?
What is it you would prefer?